Did we say we're different? Here's how:


Our online application is everything we'd otherwise ask in a first phone call. We think it will take you 15 to 20 minutes. We'll follow up and make a decision, usually inside a few days.

We fund you when others won't

Most fundable companies don't get funded. Instead, investors seek "safety in numbers" and over-concentrate investment dollars into a lucky few. Nobody ever wants to be the first money in.

We can help you break the deadlock with a Funding Advance. We make our commitment independently, which provides flexibility for doing certain things better. 

YOU can raise JUST enough

A dilemma when selling a piece of your company is deciding how much to sell. If you raise too much, then you've sold early equity you could have kept yourself. If you raise too little it could spell "game over" for the company.   

When compared to raising "too much, too early" at a lofty valuation, you're often better off raising "just enough". We allow exactly that by making a total funding commitment that you can draw as needed. 

your success funds a future you

Splash Capital is backed by a non-profit with the mission to enable new companies that couldn't otherwise exist. Startups that succeed generate an investment return that goes toward funding future startups. This is how we change the world.